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3 Easy Songs to perform for newbies!

Are you learning to sing and looking for songs that won't make you immediately quit? :-) I teach a Singing Workshop (Singing for Fun) and in the class we begin with songs that are accessible to ever student whether novice or advanced. One thing I look for in songs for beginners is the range is the key of the song easy to change? Here are 3 songs I love (and sometimes use in my Singing Class!)

  1. Let It Be (The Beatles)

One of my favorite songs because of the message, it also has an easy range, and the song moves at tempo that doesn't overwhelm the learning process. It's also very easy if you play piano or your accompanist plays piano (Like me!)

2. Amazing Grace

The melody to this is beautiful and very recognizable if you struggle to learn songs. I also like this song because they are a million ways to perform it ranging from slow to fast, high to low, pop to gospel. Check out this rendition (and don't worry -about having to sing it this well hah!)

3. Dream a Little Dream- Mamas and the Papas

This is one of my favorite songs to assign to novices because not only is easy to learn, but it's COOL. Some songs may not resonate when you're starting out and just want to sing an Ariana Grande song but this song has a beautiful lyrics, melody, music and is akin to the style of what lots of young singers like Billie Eilish are doing today.

If you're a beginner singer and need help, check out my Singing for Fun Vocal Workshop or sign up for an online voice lesson with me. I love to teach beginners and steer them in the right direction for unblocking their voice!


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