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How can I make my singing more emotional?

What do these singers all have in common? Ariana Grande. Olivia Rodrigo. Justin Timberlake. Drake. Alanis Morisette.

The Answer:They began as actors. Did you see them on a TV show when you were a kid? Nickalodean or maybe Degrassi??

Today one of my students asked me the important question: how do I prepare emotionally as a singer? I thought for about a minute til I could confidently say: take an acting class.

I have performance degree (Bachelor's and Masters) from NYU & USC respectively and in both programs I was required to study acting. One of the most valuable questions when preparing to sing your song with emotion is the question: who am I speaking to?

Acting class will prepare you to better assess your songs, your intentions, how to use body, where to direct your thoughts and how to LISTEN.

Give it a try, and if you want some extra help with this, come to my music studio for for in-person voice lessons in Venice, CA right on the border or Mar Vista and Sunset Park.


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