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How to: Schedule Your Package Plans

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

  1. Return to website and go to "Log In" tab. (It's visible on every page).

2. Choose "Sign Up"if you need to Create your account. Use the email you provided when purchasing your lesson. ( If you can't remember, check for the confirmation email- if you didn't receive it may be in your Spam)

3.Return to the homepage and you will see your username once you have logged in.

4. Now that you are logged in- go to the "Single Lessons" tab and schedule the type of lesson in your package plans.

Example: if you purchased a monthly package plan for 60 minute online voice lessons- go to the Single Lesson tab & select 60 minute online voice lesson. Once you select Book Now for the lesson type, it will take you to the following calendar Service Details.

Notice: your Service Details will say the price of the service plus "Part of a plan" if you are logged in to your account.

5. Click "Next" & you will be taken to Check Out Page.

You will see the option to Book Now to the right. It will also tell you the amount of lessons you have remaining. Ex. 4/4. You will also see the Expiration Date for the plan. If you are stuck on the page after clicking "Book Now", make sure you have checked the required studio policy consent boxes.

7. Click "Book Now" & you will see the confirmation page. You may also add to your google calendar with the "Add to My Google Calendar" Link.

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