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Should I delete my Tik Tok Videos? (or anything on social media)

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

I've had a wild year of posting LOTS of videos to social media (@pardinivocalcoach) and going live on Instagram and Tik Tok now that as a Covid-19 era performer I must fully operate online. One of the exciting consequences of my videos was I ended up being invited by Tik Tok to be a member of their Creative Learning Fund in June 2020 so I do have a bit of insight on this.

I have lots of students who fear posting because they worry about what people think. Then I have many who post and then delete. My advice: Don't Delete. And please post often.

Why do I recommend this? Well, firstly I'm pretty confident that deleting videos will hurt you in the grand scheme of a social media algorithm- ahem, Tik Tok. This is a tip Tik Tok has recommended for those of us in the CLF so this is first-hand knowledge for me. But more importantly, we are in a new era of performance and as a Los Angeles vocal coach and performer I see more advantages to this than merely analyzing an algorithm.

In the old days, artists went silent, worked on records all year, kept everything secret and when they announced their impending release there would be press galore. Today, there is an important factor that audiences crave known as "the process" as a result of all that press at our own fingertips. People on social media want to see your process, and they want to see your GROWTH. (Think of Twitch with all of its artists writing songs and sharing production tips.) Why, you ask? Because this makes you relatable. It make you vulnerable. It creates a relationship with you and your audience that reflects AUTHENTICITY. So next time you want to delete, refrain and post something new for everyone to focus on.


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