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Where to see live music in Venice 2022? ! Venice Pride Festival

As a performing musician, I have long found myself trekking to the east side for my shows at great venues like the Echo & spaces in Highland Park to perform with my band (Pr0files & Dreamt Of). There's nothing more inspiring for your own musicianship than to see others up on stage getting it done.It's very exciting to see that Venice is finally shifting to a more current music scene with venues such as The Winston House (recently becoming official-congrats) and music nights at The Penmar (the city golf course!) Checking out the line up AND PRICE of the Venice Pride Fest I don't know how you can resist. It's ALL AGES & $20 a day. That's DARN Cheap for all these bands. Make a point of wondering over there June 4 & 5th and don't forget to buy your tickets in advance. All I can say is I wish my band was performing at this!! :-)Don't forget to sign up for lessons if you want to get your songs or music chops up to par, maybe you'll be playing next year!

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