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3 Ways to Improve your Voice!

Students are constantly wondering how they can improve their voices. What are some of the things us voice teacher's are looking to help you with when asses you? Let's look at some of that right now.

  1. Pitch!Pitch!Pitch! Are you singing in tune ?This is important because it is reflective of many other issues at hand such as breath control and its relationship with the vocal cords

  2. Tone Is your tone dull or lackluster? Are you able to add some color and variety into your voice rather than sounding like a lifeless robot? Do you sound too nasal- maybe even a bit like Kermit the frog?


3. Balance across the Registers Do you have a solid tone from top to bottom in your voice. Are you able to sing seamlessly between high and low notes without cracks or pops in your voice?

If any of these 3 things resonate with you and you'd like assistance, check out or voice lessons and workshops such as Singing For Fun which starts in March.

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