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Venice School of Music is an intimate music studio  that began out of the Venice guest-home of Lauren Pardini. In 2021, VSOM was able to move into a brick and mortar studio location  (across from the Venice Whole Foods -nestled between the  border of Santa Monica and Mar Vista ). Current musical offerings include piano, voice and songwriting lessons for all ages & styles. 


My studio goal is to provide lessons for all walks of life with an openness to all styles of music, voice types and genres. I especially emphasize recreational music study for adults who may have lost touch with their musical spirit. I also believe you don't have to be a singer to take voice lessons. Our voices are our main tool of expression & singing lessons will teach you to open up your voice and enhance your ability to communicate. 

In regards to teaching kids, I strongly believe -after 20 years of teaching them- that music lessons are one of the BEST activities for kids to develop confidence and self-esteem and listening skills. 


All levels are welcomed and encouraged here! 


VSOM has remote and in-person lessons & in-home upon request based on availability.  

Image by Viviana Rishe
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