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3 Ways to improve your songwriting

Do you feel like something about your songs isn't working? Or are you unsure because you've never received any feedback and wondering how to make your songs sound better?

Here are 3 things to work on and make sure your songs are headed in the right direction.

  1. Structure Do your songs have a clear structure? Do they make it easy for your listener to understand the storytelling via defined verses and choruses? Do we know the message of the story because your chorus repeats and drives it home?

  2. Lyrics Look at your lyrics. Check to see if they tell a clear story and make sure the message doesn't change half way through the song. You may find your listeners don't know what the song is about or aren't interested. Try to analyze lyrics of songs you love and emulate the order of events that occurs in their storytelling.

  3. Melody Create melodies that repeat and hook your listener. Often I find novice create meandering melodies that don't last long enough to be whistled only seconds later.

If you are looking for more help with your song, sign up for a lesson or take one of my online songwriting lessons!

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