Christmas gifts for a musicians!

Are you looking for a gift for your beloved musician friend or family this holiday season? There are some cool gifts out there right now whether you're looking for a novice or a pro.

1.First up! Don't forget at Venice School of Music you can buy a gift certificate for all types of music lessons ranging from singing, piano, songwriting & even countless workshops. I'm a big fan of any gifts that provide and experience and are "out of the box." (Meaning no waste!)Workshops are great if the person is trying to meet other musicians to jam with too.

2. Second gift I'd recommend is a wireless bluetooth microphone. If you're looking for an adult who likes karaoke or is young,

these bluetooth karaoke mics are for all ages. They are also around $30 which is a reasonable price. They even have reverb and delay! There's no specific brand I recommend- I usually go by the one with the best ratings on sites like Amazon.