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Do you want to take singing lessons to improve your karaoke?

Updated: May 4, 2021

I get this question all of the time: Can I take voice or piano lessons with you even if it's just for fun? I really want to do karaoke night at the The Gaslite (Santa Monica) or Backstage (Culver City) or Barney's Beanery (West Hollywood) and was hoping you could help me? The answer is YES YES YES. Music is for everyone. It is one of the most popular forms of complimentary care in hospice because it brings so much joy into people's lives and elicits many wonderful memories.

If you are hesitant to take a lesson because you aren't a professional, remember it is not about that. It's about how you feel. I never say I'm not going to swim because I'm not an Olympic hopeful and

I never refrain from a cooking class even if I won't be the next Gordon Ramsey so why should music be any different? Put yourself out there and learn to grow in new ways. You will thank yourself!


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