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Free Open Mic: December 15th, 2021

I'm so excited to celebrate our year of hard work. This year felt especially unique as we started with a lockdown and all lessons were online, many of you had lessons outdoors, then moved into our new space in Venice as the vaccinations became available, then we had to re-mask and here we are hopefully moving a direction of long term in-person as we head into 2022.

Many of you come to your lessons for the end goal of sharing your voice and building confidence. You also come to music lessons to get in touch with your soulful side after long days at intense jobs that don't access this part of your mind and body. It's important that we practice performing in front of other and what better way than to share within the Venice School of Music in an online open mic!

This event is free and open to all students who took lessons at any point during 2021-in-person or online. You may observe, perform or even share just a chorus of a song rather than the whole piece. Whatever helps you build the courage to get up and do it!

Head to "Book Now" and reserve your spot to sing. RSVP even if you only plan to observe.

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