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Get feedback on your TikTok videos!

Updated: May 4, 2021

In 2020, record labels signed more than 70 artists from TikTok!! I increasingly find myself working with students on their social media accounts. I teach at a music college in Hollywood and currently have 2 classes in which I analyze video performances.

Just think of how many artists built their career via MTV, (Madonna) then television shows (Miley), youtube (Justin Bieber)- so much talent is based on visual discovery. The advent of direct fan engagement with these platforms via live streams and posts has created an entire universe new artist-fan relationships. For this reason, consider getting feedback on your videos and your social media approach. Are you posting on instagram Reels?

Do you have a set time to perform on Twitch each week? Are you interacting with your fan comments? As a TikTok music account with over 125k followers, Spotify and soundcloud with millions of streams, I have personal experience working on these platforms and am happy to share some of my methods. So many different approaches and I'm here to help you with that! Check out my "Video Feedback" section on the site to submit.


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