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Here's one way to become a better singer

Are you looking to become a better singer, but don't know where to begin? Aside from taking voice lessons to get feedback, joining a choir is one of my favorite options.

The biggest benefit is the unintentional ear-training that arises from group singing.

Surrounded by 2-10 singers that are sharing a note with you can really develop a kinesthetic response to learning music. You will learn the proper breath placement in a song as well as improve your tone by mimicking the vowel shapes of other singers around you.

Furthermore, you will develop confidence since you do not have to sing alone if this is something you need help with.

If you'd like additional help or tips to join a chorus, sign up for a lesson at "Book Now" on our website and study online or at our music school in Venice, CA located close to the boundaries of Santa Monica and Mar Vista as well. See you soon!


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