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How do I get better at writing songs?

How to get better at writing songs
Songwriting Classes LA

Are you a songwriter who constantly finds themself stuck and unable to finish songs? Or you've written a few but none of them seem very good? Here's my advice on how to get better at writing songsand develop confidence:

Finish a few songs a week in as little time as possible....Seriously.

I have often said, one does not become good at sports by playing half the game. Every great athlete has played countless games from start to finish in order to get to the highest level of performance. And many (if not half) of these games are lost! So why wouldn't you FINISH your bad songs and move on to the next as fast as possible. In support of this point, check out this recent post from amazing songwriter/writer Jason Blume. He goes into detail on the writing scene in Nashville and how songwriters have 2 sessions a day at 10am and 2pm with a lunch break in between. I too did this for many years and had a vast library of not-so-great songs out there, but also many that have gone viral as well as making it as the title track onto a Grammy-nominated Album. I attribute the speed of writing and detachment to this!

Songwriting Classes in Santa Monica and venice
Songwriting Workshop Los Angeles

If you're trying to get better at songwriting or simply begin, check out our in-person and online songwriting courses.The next in-person class begins on September 11!

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