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How old should my child be to start piano?

Are you wondering what is the best age to start piano for you child? The answer is VERY diverse although not random. I personally began piano at the age of 3. My parents had a piano in the house which was like a magnet pulling me across the room. I was making noise and writing songs before my first lesson.

My attention for the instrument was FOCUSED before lessons even began. My love of music was also evident as I never stopped singing in preschool and kindergarten. As a result, piano lessons were an easy transition for me at the age of 3. I was the extreme example where my parents were constantly looking for new teachers to give me the attention & piano stimulation I craved. Although I wish every student was like this, it is unreal to expect. For this reason, it's important to make sure you child has the attention span for a lesson. I often recommend that very young children more of a focus on "musicianship" style piano lessons before getting deep into the method books. There's so much to learn such as rhythm, the layout of the piano, the feel of music and they should develop the sense of fun that music brings to life. So the answer is, each child is unique. If your child is in LOVE with music, 4 is a great age to begin. If they are a tangible learner who likes exercises in books, you might want to wait a few years until they are able to read the method books which give them concrete exercises. I think everyone is in a good place by the age of 7 to begin in my personal experience, but younger is wonderful if they possess the interest.

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