• Lauren -Vocal Coach

In-Person Music Lessons during Covid?

Here we are- finally starting to get those vaccinations coming in. The question is: are we ready for in-person music lessons? If you would like to come to our in-person location for music lessons in Venice, (right on the border of Santa Monica and Mar Vista too!) there are a few rules to follow. As you may have heard, singing spreads aerosols and we also have to take into consideration cleaning instruments between music lessons. This means we will REQUIRE vaccinations for in-person among other procedures. Here are a few things in further detail that will be Implemented if you would like to start up in-person and we are so excited to see you again!

  • Fully Vaccinated within 10 days minimum of the lesson time

  • Plexiglass sneeze guard between you and teacher for your vocal lessons

  • Mask on premises

  • Waiver confirming you have been vaccinated within stated time

  • Breaks between lessons to clean the space (no back to back scheduling)

  • Maximum of teacher and student in the room (no guests or parents)- group music lessons and music workshops will remain online


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