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Is tea a good drink for singing?

I cannot count how often I get this question: is tea good for singing?

First off, let me tell you what to most definitely AVOID:

Stay away from these two:

  1. Caffeine

  2. Spicy Foods

It's important the vocal cords are hydrated. This is necessary especially as a little extra help in prevention of nodules. Caffeine in coffee (and tea) is a diuretic. Diuretics cause you to get rid of fluid. This might be a good thing if you doctor recommends it, but if you are working to keep your vocal cords hydrated, avoid any food that is a natural diuretic.

Can you see where we are headed with this? Tea is good when it does NOT contain caffeine. At the end of the day I prefer water, but if you would like to have some herbal tea, the best part of this is the warm water. I definitely get the feeling this relaxes the muscles in the throat which is essential for good tone and healthy voice.


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