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Piano Lessons for Adults??

Are you well into your working years and feel like you've lot touch with your creativity?

Did you study piano as a kid and miss it now?

Do you have children who are taking piano lessons and you're feeling a bit of envy watching their tiny fingers on the keys?

Piano lessons for adults are a wonderful way to treat yourself to something fulfilling and fun. Many students come to me with no recollection of their childhood lessons, but slowly come around like remembering a second language. There are also the students who are entirely new to it and looking to stretch their brains out with the challenge.

Either way, it's ok to come to the lesson with your best piano self. It's ok if you don't know anything. It's ok if you know a little bit. When you take piano lessons as an adult, remember it is truly YOUR TIME. This is not sixth grade where your parents are paying for the lessons and expect certain goals to be met. Before your lesson, ask yourself: what do I hope to get out of this? Is there a song I'm dying to learn? Do I want to practice or just come to my lesson once or twice a week and work from the last lesson? Do I want to perform? Do I want to read music?

I always say: I take tennis lessons once a week. Why? Because I like to run around and hear the ball hit the racket. I dont't anticipate I will be the third Williams sister but it's fun and I like it so I do it. So that's why you should do piano! Check out our piano lessons at the Book Now/Rates link and see if it's a good fit for you.


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