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Just wrapped: Singing for Fun Class June 2023

What's it like taking a singing class for adults?

Singing for Fun Adult Class in Los Angeles
Singing for Fun Adult Class in Los Angeles

Hard to believe it is the last day of June?! Where have the past 3 years gone, life just flies by.

In January 2020, I began my Singing For Fun workshops which have been a mix of in-person and online over the years. Our most recent class studied 3 songs and shared a song of choice on the final day. The camaraderie in every group seems to grow more and more. I've noticed a vast improvement in the students who study privately and incorporate the Singing For Fun class into their practice as a supplement to voice lessons.

As a vocal coach, I tell every student: private lessons is not the end goal. Even if you have ZERO plans to perform for the rest of your life, the confidence you will develop from performing in a group will teach you multiple lessons and develop inner knowledge. You'll FREE your voice of any fears in this process (because you will learn it's not the end of the world to share your voice with others!). Another highlight of our classes is singing in harmony. Beyond the experience of aligning with another person's voice (literally -their frequency) you have to LISTEN to them. I don't think many people think about the importance of listening in developing your voice, but it is ESSENTIAL. Are we singing in tune, in rhythm, the same lyrics, the same breaths? Do you do this in your daily life at work, with your family, with strangers?

Our next Singing for Fun class starts in the full and you should join our mailing list if you want to join as it can sell out. (We only have 4-6 spots spending on the course). The course takes places in our Venice studio and some classes include guest speakers and a venue change.


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