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Stretch out those Wrists before you play the piano!

piano stretches
piano stretches

Have you ever felt that need to stretch out your fingers? Maybe that tight ache at the base of your thumb?

I've found that it's grown worse with me over the years due to a tad too much time on the phone (meaning Tik Tok).

Maybe it's time you stretch out those wrists!

As someone who plays a lot of piano, phone usage and computer work throughout the day, I've found that a lot of intermittent stretches really do the trick. I usually start with some yoga that also addresses the back of my neck and shoulders. In my research to loosen up, turns out, back of the neck is often the problem with the wrists. This isn't surprising since singing is a whole body experience. I always promote Yoga with Adrienne for her yoga YouTube that often seems more like physical therapy in my experiences. This short yoga is one of my faves for taking a three minute break:

No matter, what stretches are part of any technique in music. Make sure you take time loosen up your body whenever you play an instrument in order to promote freedom in your body that will translate into freedom in your musicality.

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