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What happens in Songwriting Lessons?

As someone who has been teaching songwriting fundamentals and private songwriting lessons at a college for ten years now, I find songwriting lessons to be one of the most enjoyable music classes one can take. You don't have to be a great musician or amazing singer. You just want to WRITE something that expresses your emotions and there are countless ways to approach this.

For students who are already working on songs, the best thing to do is bring in a song you've written or started writing and need help with. If you're completely new to songwriting, in a lesson I would walk you through some steps to getting started. In some ways, it can be really fun digging into what you want to write about in your life. You might even discover you want to write about someone else and live vicariously through them.

So here are a few more things we'd work on in a Songwriting Lesson:

  1. Lyrics

  2. Melody

  3. Chords

  4. Groove

  5. Arrangment

  6. Production

  7. Rhythm

Interested in working on one of your songs or learning how to write one for the first time? Sign up for a Songwriting Lesson on our website.


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