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What should I prepare for my first voice lesson?

Are you about to have your first voice lesson ever? Or maybe you're going to have your first lesson in 10 years?

There are many ways to prepare, but the most important thing to remember is that this is YOUR TIME.

You might have taken lessons long ago where you were forced to sing songs that you didn't care about, but those days of instructions are long gone. Ask yourself some questions: what style do I like? Is there a singer who I love their tone? Do I struggle with feel or pitch? What am I trying to gain from the lesson?

Taking this into consideration, choose a bit of a song to show off your voice. If you've never sung before, Happy Birthday is a great demonstration for your teacher. Likely there will be warm-ups to ease you into the lesson and get your vocal cords ready to sing, but you will have even more fun if you prepare a bit of a song.

Good luck in your first lesson, and hope to see you at our studio in Venice, CA or online soon for music lessons in West Los Angeles!


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