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Why should I take a Singing for Fun Class?

Singing is special because it can bring so much excitement and joy to your life. There are so many reasons to take singing classes and I highly recommend it.

Don't like your voice? Afraid how people will respond when they hear it? Think about the fact that singing relieves stress and boosts endorphins (yes! those feel good chemicals.) This should make you get past some of the fears knowing you will ultimately feel awesome.

Another element of singing is the connections it can bring to your world whether singing with friends, family, a church or karaoke! You may meet new people and find others who share the same interest as you.The world has grown so isolated with apps, zoom & remote work- why not move yourself to do an activity that involves IRL connections & sounds?

Lastly, singing will help you to work on your confidence, your posture, your SPEAKING voice (this is a big request.) You will learn the various sounds and pitches your voice can create- thereby learning to be a more dynamic speaker as well.

Come sign up for a singing lessons or singing class online or in our Los Angeles Studio. Especially great is our Singing for Fun class which is limited to 4 people at a time so you'll get lots of personal feedback!

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