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3 Songs that are Easy to Sing

Are you looking for some new songs that are easy to sing? I've got 3 right now that I think are great for developing range as well as building confidence with rhythm and pitch.

  1. As It Was- Harry Styles: Firstly what's better than beautiful, sexy, charismatic Harry Styles on stage?I love this simple melody and likewise, the simple sentiment that all can relate to. The smaller range allows developing breath support when jumping between intervals as well the ability to focus on singing with emotion.

Miley is just the queen of cool. Her songs are always empower the singer. "Flowers" is great if you're looking for an easy vocal range again, but looking for something upbeat, dance and positive. Written as a response song to Bruno Mar's When I was your Man, this song offers a device to work on chest voice and groove. (I really love the groove on the "I can love you betters".....

This song seems a bit unconventional as a song for "Singers" per se, but I really see a lot of value in it. First of all, it's fun to sing. Secondly, another one where you can build the foundations of your vocal range. I also like the sing-speak section- an important style for anyone inspiring to be a professional singer, because so much rapping is required as a part of styles on gigs.

If you're interested in learning these songs with a vocal coach, sign up for in-person or online voice lessons with me! I teach voice in a commercial studio space in Venice, CA as well as online around the world!

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