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3 Tips for Singers with a Cold

Updated: May 23, 2023

Well, my first cold of 2022 finally got me! Let me tell you it was a doozy after 2 years of avoiding humans and lacking that special immunity!

There are some important actions a singer must take to keep their vocal cords hydrated. My number one rule is avoid nasal decongestants if possible. They will dry out your voice and although you'll have a quick fix of fresh air, I find it takes the voice a longer time to recover due to dried out vocal cords. So what can you do?

  1. Neti Pot. Swear by it, live for it. This totally natural method of clearing your sinuses is the way if you want to avoid drugs. It also hydrates your sinuses if they are dry. It's a little weird at first, but if you can remember to hold you breath while utilizing the nets pot, you'll have no problems.

2. Guafenisen. This expectorant is the active ingredient in Mucinex, but make sure you it doesn't contain a cough suppressant. Also, get the generic brand and save lots of money. No need for expensive Mucinex. This will thin your mucus while keeping the vocal cords hydrated as you drink lots of water. Studies show guafenesin has little side effects & singers swear by it.

3.Gargle with Salt Water Yes, you've been hearing this your whole life. The salt will help to sooth your sore throat. Just a tablespoon in some warm water through out the day.

Remember to rest up and there are a few other things you can do to get comfortable. I'm obsessed with VocalEze brand cough drops and Throat Spray. Check out this Throat spray that contains honey, echinacea and ginger. The taste is UNREAL and it feels so good when your throat is dry & tired.

Vocal Eze
Vocal Eze is Awesome!

Every flavor of the cough drops are DELICIOUS and I have a hard time choosing between the cayenne/ginger & Aniseed when I'm try to sooth my throat. Highly recommend!!!

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