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3 Warm Up Exercises to Prep Your Body for a Vocal Warm Up

As a singer, I find that my voice is the most warmed-up after a physical stretch or some sort of cardio. I like to do a short run on the track everyday- even 2 minutes warms my muscles and activates low diaphragmatic breathing. Many of my students come in and I'll instantly recognize - "what did you do today? you sound great already!"- sure enough: "Pilates" or "yoga" or "I went for a run." So let's talk about a few ways to prep your body before your lesson.

  1. Short Distance Run Nothing intense. No need to go to Venice Run Club to start your day although this does look like a lot of fun. (IYKYK) . Give yourself 3-5 minutes and activate that lower breath. It will also loosen up your body.

2. Pretend you're a Ragdoll Loosen up your body and pretend your muscles are loosey-goosey. Hang over your feet, relax your neck and shoulders, bounce and around and sigh. This is best way to get the breath moving and achieve an unrestricted feeling before you even begin.

3. Tongue Swirls Okay that's what I'm calling them. I don't really know what the heck else to call them so just take your tongue and roll it along your teeth either right or left in circles. I love to do this in the morning until I exhaust the tongue muscle. I recently learned that when we gain weight - we also gain it in our tongue! Not surprising, but also, very surprising to me.

If you'd like to have a voice lesson with me, you can sign up on my website. I teach in person in my Venice, CA vocal studio or on-line around the world!


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