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3 Ways to warm up your body BEFORE you sing!

Singing is more than making noise. It's about maintaining a loose, free posture. The more free your body is, the more the air will be able to flow through your throat, ribs and face! Here are 3 of my favorite warm up to invigorate your posture before making any sounds.

  1. Shoulder Rolls: roll em back, roll em forward. Do both at the same time, or isolate each. Remember never to lift your shoulder when you breathe. This will build that awareness.

  2. Be a Rag Doll: Ooh, do I swear by this. Let you body hang/hunch forward, head gently falls forward, arms hang with gravity. Slowly roll back up to standing posture slowly and gracefully.

  3. Hoola Hoops: draw a circle with your hips as if you are balancing a hoola hoop. Flexibility in the abdominal area creates a freer breath and unlocks your posture.

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