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Are you afraid to put out new music? Get over it.

A common issue I encounter as a songwriting coach is student's fears of releasing new music. So many people have music sitting on their computers for 2 or 3 years scared that they won't release it to the world correctly. I recently released some music that I was not quite sure is perfect (ready for the world!). I learned how to produce and engineer my music 3 years ago and felt like I had to start from scratch after years of working with Grammy Award Producers (not to mention being nominated as a writer on a track myself!) So the fear for me to be that good, at the level of producers I was accustomed to working with was MASSIVE. But.... I decided to get over it.

So I wanted to share some reasons why I chose to "Get Over it"

  1. I realized no one would ever hear the music I was excited to write and perform. And as a result, I disappeared from people's minds. I was no longer an active musician. Without putting myself out there, there was no chance someone would ask me to perform at a party or open for them.

  2. I learned as I realeased my new music that the REAL feedback would arrive. I could look at my analytics and Spotify stats so see if people listened to the songs, what sort of playlists they got on, and learned reasons why people were or were not into the music. I got feedback about the vocals, the production, the lyrics- much of it good and sometimes bad. Either way, it was a fresh perspective and more true than I sometimes received from my circle of friend. (No offense to them, they usually don't want to hurt my feelings :-)

  3. I started to develop more of a style and believe it or not- CONFIDENCE from going through the process. I got used to handing off music for mastering, learning better ways to record so my mixer wouldn't have to carve out space in the mix as much and how to stream with better audio.

  4. As a content creator (blogging, music releases and Tik Tok videos) I didn't really have any content without anything to promote. Once I started sharing my music the content came effortlessly. New songs, album artwork, live performance. This is way better than trying to decide if I should post a pic of the ocean or my dinner.

Time will only tell how this musical phase will pan out for me, but I feel 100 percent better than I did before. I feel creative, excited, hopeful that at least one person might relate to my emotion and message. That one person is more valuable than the zero persons listening before!

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