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Best DAW for Recording Vocals and Why?

Are you looking to record your vocals? wondering what DAW is the best for this?(DAW=Digital Audio Workstation btw.)

There's a lot things to consider when picking your chosen DAW.

  1. How will it work with your computer? Do you have a PC of a Mac?

  2. Do you want to be able to record a lot of live instruments such as drums? Live Guitar?

  3. Are you looking for something affordable?

I personally would choose Logic as a singer. I know three DAWS- I'm even certified in ProTools at the first level, but the ease of Logic is idea for me when recording vocals.

It works seamlessly with my Mac (sorry PC users you can't get Logic on your computer). It's basically the same as Garageband but GB only has the fundamentals.

I especially like the ability to use comp-swipe in Logic. It's very easy to record your vocals on a cycle loop and then return to it and highlight the comps. You can easily create fades once you have chosen the best comp of your vocals when you "flatten and merge."

Yes, all other DAWS have this ability- it's been a part of Protools for ages- but there's something about the way it feels and sounds as a singer that's different in Logic. Do the DAWS sound different? This is an age-old conversation and I honestly am not sure, but it definitely feels different recording my vocals in Logic.

Side note, I've never used FL Studio or Cubase. Comments welcome on these 2 DAWS!

Do you want to learn to record your vocals in any of these DAWS? Come in for a vocal lesson at my studio in Venice and I'll teach you! It's very easy to teach this online as well using the share audio function in Zoom.

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