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Happy New Year from a Vocal Coach in Venice, CA

Happy New Year to all! Looking forward to 2021 hopefully advancing a bit past the rough journey for music classes in 2020. Despite teaching music lessons in Venice and Santa Monica, CA with some online students (piano, singing & songwriting), I never anticipated that ALL of my lessons would be entirely online in 2020. What year! I am blessed that my students continued their lessons despite the change and quickly learned that online is fun and in many ways convenient!

In 2020, we started off the year with a group class at the Electric Lodge in Venice, CA -Singing for Fun-that was quickly shutdown due to Covid-19. The group class was based on performance and encouraged novices and thrill seekers to get up and perform in front of one another. By the end of the year, we had run the class (Singing for Fun) 6 times online and the class grew to include people from all of the world so I guess there were some unintended benefits of being online.

For now, it appears we will stay online, but I'm missing Venice and look forward to when I am able to meet these glorious students in person!

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