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How to choose the right audition song for your voice?

Are you preparing for an audition? Is there a musical audition for Dear Evan Hansen at your school? Do you see The Voice is coming to town or accepting online auditions? How do you figure out what song suits your best and will impress the auditioners?

Well, the first question asked: what are the qualities of your voice that people appreciate? Maybe they enjoy your velvety tone. Perhaps they are mesmerized by your riffs. They might want you to show of your dazzling whistle notes.

Figure out what your strengths are. Much like an Olympian, you would not choose any event at random. Just because you are a fast runner, doesn't mean slay the long-distance - short distance might be your forte.

Once you have figured out your strengths, choose repertoire that highlights you unique talent. From here, this talent to the context of the performance you are preparing for. If it is a specific role for musical theater, show off how you fit the role and have the right sound, range and energy for the role. If you are auditioning for The Voice or American Idol, find that song that shows off your ability to COMPETE. Show you've got the fastest riffs, the highest or lowest notes....etc.

Point being, when choosing an audition song, assess yourself honestly. Figure out what will make you stand out .Just because your friend destroys Tori Kelly riffs doesn't mean they can sing with the smooth crooning of Billie Eilish. BE YOU!

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