How to get performance practice!?

Have you been taking guitar lessons but have never performed for anyone? Live in a small town without any venues to improve your chops as a singer in front of an audience? Let's look at a few places to work on your performance skills aside from Broadway and Coachella!

  1. Performance Classes: I offer an open mic and group classes such as Singing for Fun and a Songwriting Workshop where students present their songs to one another. The best part of classes and workshops is the opportunity for feedback and the camaraderie of classmates you meet and grow with.

2. IG or TikTok Live:You can utilize the Live button on these socials to practice performing in front of your followers. It maybe be scary at first but you'll get the hang of it. Sometimes I look at my TikTok and notice the difference between my early videos and the posts 200 times later. Such a difference in confidence and flow!