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Private Voice Lesson or Group Singing Class?

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Singing for Fun Singing Class
Singing for Fun Vocal Workshop

I've had a lot of students asking me lately:

Should I take group and graduate to private? Should I start with Private Lessons?

My thoughts:

It doesn't matter which as they are equally powerful. Singing is not all about learning the "techniques", because many of those techniques fly out the window the second that you try to perform in front of others.

The dynamic changes immediately when we have an audience or others sharing the stage with us. Some people sing quietly by themselves, but are filled with confidence the second they are supported through the resonance of other singers. In addition, the group classes build confidence. Students walk away in disbelief that they were able to let their voice ring out in a public setting.

Private lessons have many benefits- especially if you plan to perform. You might find you're having trouble with a specific note or connecting to the lyrics. Maybe you need an assessment of why your breath feels stuck in your abdominal area. I also think privates are sometimes great when students feel they need a bit more support before entering a group class. Maybe they don't know how to stand with energized posture and want some counsel before they begin.

So the answer to the question- look within yourself and ask: what do I need? Where do I feel I need to work on my voice in accordance with my goals.

I highly recommend starting out with a group class like our Singing For Fun Class in Los Angeles. This limited class size affords lots of personal feedback and nurturing vibes. Next one begins in June 2023!


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