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Warming up your Body to Sing

Updated: May 23, 2023

Vocal Coach Los Angeles
Vocal Warm Ups

Have you ever heard the term "vocal freedom" or "singing with ease?" If you've ever picked up a book on singing you'll notice these phrases. But how do you get to this place?

One of the most important aspects of singing is freedom within your body. A relaxed body refers to posture, jaw, breath, knees- you name it! If your tone feels strident and bland, it could be you have too much tension in your body.

My favorite way to stretch is either a little Yoga with Adrienne or a 10 minute run around the neighborhood. Try either of this and see if you notice a difference in your breath or tone. You will likely notice a more grounded and warmer tone. Use the video below, I've probably given this one 1000000 views!


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