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What to do in your first voice lesson?

Are you about to have your first voice lesson ever? Are you nervous about how it will go?

Here's a few tips to prepare you:

  1. You can show up COMPLETELY unprepared. There's no need to stress out. A teacher can guide you in the first lesson, get ideas for your taste in music and background as a singer. Many people want to share the reason they are afraid to sing or have never sung but feel it in their souls!

  2. Bring a song to sing. If you're dying to learn a song- but don't bring it to your lesson; you're doing yourself an injustice! You have spent money and time to be in the lesson, so why not work on the song you've always wanted to learn?! If you find a teacher isn't working on it with you, you need to be clear and say "Hey, I really want to work on this song :-)"

  3. Ask for a routine. Get some exercises from your teacher. Maybe you find your voice always cracks or you just need a good warm up. You can always get this in a lesson and record it for future use.

If you'd like a lesson with me, sign up for in-person in Los Angeles or online under "Book Now/Rates" . Looking forward to working with you!!


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