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How long should a music lesson be for my child?

Do you have a child that wants to study music but is super young? Trying to figure out the proper lesson length for them?

Here are 2tips for choosing the proper lesson length!

  1. If you are testing the waters for your child and they've never show interest in your music- start small. It can be overwhelming for a young child to meet a new person (teacher), in a new space with some whimsical instrument that is not on an ipad screen. :-) Better to let them try it out and if they are having fun - end the lesson early so that they might feel the desire to do more. This is especially important in the event that they are unsure and need time to ponder outside of the lesson. I also think it's very important in the event that the teacher-student relationship isn't a match. This might leave room for your child to still want to test out another teacher if they aren't sure and will give it another chance.

2. If your child LOVES music and is already singing along to ENCANTO

or banging on the piano keys at home, then you might want to try a bit longer. Since they are already expressing interest and demonstrating musical ability, they probably already have things in their minds and bodies they'd like to try out once they are around a music studio such as rhythm, making noise or learning about the instrument itself.

Interested in trying a piano or singing lessons for your child? Check out our online and in-person lessons close to Ocean Park & north Venice.


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