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How to warm up before your Voice Lesson:-)

how to warm up before your voice lesson
how to warm up before your voice lesson

Do you want to maximize your voice lesson? Want to get your energy moving and warmed up before you arrive?Let's talk today about how to warm up for your voice lessons. Here are three tips I recommend (and do for myself before I sing every day!)

  1. Come hydrated. Seriously. And I don't mean an hour before, ideally drink water the night before. As a matter of fact, you should always be hydrated :-) but if you're not the type, get started the night before because it takes time (I've heard 8 hours for the water to actually take affect). Caffeine free teas or coconut water might be great as well.

  2. Go for a Run! Go for a short run the morning of your lesson. When I say short, I'm talking five minutes. I don't need a half marathon from you, but if you get the muscles loose and the diaphragm low from exercise, you will have less need for warming up your voice. I'll do a run around the block or up my neighborhood hill.

  3. Humming and Sirens. High notes. Low notes. Whatever initiates blood flow to all the notes you have in your range. We all know about resonance and the vibrations your feel throughout your body as a singer. Why wait?Start resonating before the lesson.

if you have more questions, come by for a lesson at our Venice Studio or Meet me for an online lesson. Summer is a great time to focus on yourself if perhaps you have some free Fridays at work, or the kids are at summer camp!

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