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Is it hard for you to memorize music?

If you're reading this post, then one thing you might have in common with me is trouble memorizing music. I struggle and it definitely is my biggest stress with performance. Creates anxiety, makes me nervous- NO FUN!

Here are 2 things you can do to prepare and combat this:

Try writing out the lyrics. It will create muscle memory within your body as well as slowing down your brain's processing power which is apparently key to memorizing. I also love this method because it allows you to free up your voice. No need to wear out your voice singing the parts over and over.

My second favorite technique is to quietly mouth the words in rhythm. Do not use your voice, but learn the phrases in your mouth while singing along to a record or a metronome in order to get the feeling permanent within your body.

If you are experiencing any performing anxiety, especially in relation to memorization please sign up for a lesson. We offer private voice and piano lessons in our studio located in Venice close to Santa Monica and Mar Vista. All ages and styles of music are welcome!

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