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Maintaining Vocal Relaxation: Staying Loose When Singing

If you've been studying voice with me this spring, you've been working on lots of stretches and movement as you sing. Although at times it feels awkward for new singers, there's no better way to improve your tone than with a little movement. I often experience a bit of resistance convincing singers to move as they sing, but the results in tone improvement are instantaneous. Furthermore, this is a natural progression since as you sing since on stage, you want to develop a freedom and confident posture rather than standing on stage with locked knees & stiff hands.

So next time you're singing, walk around the room or touch your toes. See if you notice a different and feel the expansion and breath move through your body. Want a voice lesson? Come to the studio in West Los Angeles area or sign up to work with me online. Can't wait to work with you!

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