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Singing in the Rain? 3 Tips for Keeping healthy as a Singer in the Winter Months

Well if you've been in LA for the past week, we are literally in a deluge. 14 inches rain in 2 days (or something like that, I'm not a weather woman.). So if you've been Singing in the Rain, let's talk about some ways to protect your voice this time of year.

1. Stay hydrated: this time of year and always, drink lots of water. Temperature changes can truly aggravate our vocal cords. Going from inside with a heater, to outside in the rain, then maybe we'll get a random 85 degree day here in the desert it's hard to predict and you can never do harm drinking water or a little decaf herbal tea! You never know what you'll get this time of year so keep those cords lubricated.

2. Take stock of the temperature where you sleep. Is it dry? Do you feel hoarse in the morning? Maybe you get a bit of a dry cough at night? Even more so, notice if it's damp. (watch out for mold too). Maybe you need to keep warm at night and wrap up in a blanket. Visting friends for dinner? you know LA loves an al fresco restaurant. Bring a scarf! Where a coat! Who cares if you look like a crazy singer! Try your best to keep your environment consistent as a singer and recognize what works best for your body.

3. Wash your hands. Tale as old as time. Especially in the past 5 years. As a singer, keep those hands clean, try not to touch your face and seriously, (especially you young ones) don't share drinks. It's tempting and almost culturally normal to say, "here try this!" but if singing is your livelihood or even passion- stay away from sharing!

If your voice is feeling good, come to me for a voice lesson online or in-person in Venice close to Santa Monica & Marina del Rey.

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