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Voice lessons in the pandemic?

Are online voice lessons any good?

Throughout the ups and downs of the pandemic, it's been hard to tell when a business is open and when it is not. At times when it appeared the world might be up and running; I refrained from returning to in-person voice lessons. Mainly because it has been proven time and time again that singing causes respiratory droplets to travel further and create a greater danger. Check this article out from the US National Library of Health.

The question is- do zoom voice lessons work? My answer is a definitive YES.

Here are some reasons why I strongly recommend online voice lessons- and why I think they will last into the future.

  1. Online Voice Lessons provide the singer with an objective ear and necessary feedback that really will be the same as in-person. A vocal coach can still work on the same problems such as pitch issues, performance techniques and breath fundamentals. Furthermore, setting up a lesson with a vocal coach creates accountability and commitment in the development of one's vocal technique.

  2. The future of performance is online. Social media has been at the forefront of most band discoveries over the last decade and this will only get bigger with time. Consider Youtube and Twitch as some of your most important venues as an artist. Furthermore, the overhead of operating on these platforms is minimal compared to touring and organizing/paying a band. As a result, the WAY that you develop as an online performer is as important as being on stage. I always tell my students- "treat these videos as your stage." Online music lessons will help the student to develop a comfort level in on-camera situations and best prepare the student for this futuristic realm.

  3. Online voice lessons force the student to develop the ear on a whole new level. Most teachers utilize a piano to warm-up their students and teach the notes during in-person lessons. Due to zoom latency, this is no longer an option. The alternative is to encourage students to determine the pitches on their end with a pitch pipe or track under the guise of the vocal coach. As a result, this is a hidden form of forced ear training.

There are countless other reasons to try online voice lessons, but I recommend trying it out! Reach out to set up a lesson at "Book Online."

Voice lessons in Venice, CA
Online Voice Lessons

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