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What can I work on to improve my voice?

Are you trying to improve your singing, but no quite sure where to begin? Let's walk through 3 things to focus on that could benefit your singing.

  1. Pitch. If you struggle with pitch, find yourself an app or join a chorus to get yourself acclimated to the feeling of singing in pitch. Surrounding yourself with other singers will teach you this sensation and thereby improve the relationship between your ears sending the pitch to your brain and thereby your vocal cords. .

  2. 1-2-3-4 Rhythm!!! So many singers are focused on making sound, that they forget to practice good rhythm. This is more than counting- it's FEEL. Can you feel the downbeat? The 1? Can you internalize the tempo and keep it steady? If you lose your place in the song can you still catchy up with the beat later on?

  3. Watch Great Singers on Youtube! Study their bodies, how they breathe. Does there body expand? Do you see much motion or are they relaxed? How do they shape their face, their mouth of their noses when they sing? Singing is NOT all doing. Sometimes to improve, you just have to sit back and listen. :-)

Come have an online voice lesson or in-person singing at the studio in Venice (right by Sunset Park too) or if you want more help with this or more tips.


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