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What's better: Online vs In-Person Music Lessons?

There are benefits to both! Today we will focus on the Benefits of Online Music Lessons. Subscribe to get a notification on the benefits of In-Person Lessons in our next post!

We are currently so happen to offer in-person music lessons in West Los Angeles again- but do you feel guilty because you want to stay online?

Well, good news- there are benefits to both.

Let's discuss the pros of online music lessons today (no cons- good vibes only :-)

Online Music Lesson Benefits:

  1. Travel Time: It 's convenient to schedule a lesson and know that only that amount of time will be

occupied. No need to worry about dreaded Los Angeles parking or finding a sitter for a longer length of time. Gas money is of no concern (and those prices are HIGH right now!)

2. Quality Recording: Working on Zoom creates a beautiful recording of the lesson. Being able to utilize a side by side video and record with separate audio files permits a lot of options for practicing afterwards and even sharing the videos on social media.

3.Screen Sharing: the ability to annotate, write notes to one another& share files is of great value. Marking music, demonstrating singing in videos & passing information back and forth saves a lot of time and can also help visual learners.

4. Online Performances: We are currently in the thick of a new style of performing that began years ago with Youtube. As a performer, you are now expected to perform online more than any other format through such platforms as Twitch, Instagram & Tik Tok. Having a lesson online hones the familiarity of working on camera and allows for feedback on how to tweak audio & lighting. There are also countless differences in how to carry yourself on camera vs. onstage.

5. Scheduling: If you are interested in a lesson at 7:30am or 10pm, it is much easier to offer this via online. Teachers have lots more flexibility and space to teach at these hours.

6. Noise Levels: The noise levels in an online lesson are far less since if wearing headphones you are can cut back on the noise coming from the opposite party.

Stay tuned for a follow-up with the benefits of in-person

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