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How do I find the right Vocal Coach for me?

How does one find the right Vocal Coach? It might seem that every teacher is for you, but this isn't necessarily correct.

Consider your goals when setting up a lesson.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  1. Do I want to develop a warm-up routine and get exercises from the voice teacher?

  2. Am I feeling strain on high notes that I would like to eliminate?

  3. Do I want to work on a song for a performance or for fun in karaoke?

  4. Will the lesson be for professional or recreational purposes?

  5. Is there a specific song I would like to learn?

  6. Do I struggle with pitch?

When you reach out to your coach during your search, ask them if they can work on your specific goals. Some students come to the lesson completely open to do whatever the vocal coach sees fit for them based on a short-analysis. Others are very specific. Either way, it is your time and your money so be sure if you know what your lesson goals are don't be afraid to speak up!


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