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Why did I become a music teacher?

Updated: May 4, 2021

There is a saying that goes "Teacher who can't do, teach."

Sure, it's possible some fall into teaching because their careers fall by the wayside, but I have a strong opinion that this is not the case for many.

When I was in college, my voice teacher (a principal cast member at the Metropolitan Opera) would bring me to the Metropolitan Opera in New York City and give me my lessons between acts in her dressing room. She was unable to travel to downtown to NYU for my college lessons-often because of her heavy schedule- and introduced me to her coaches throughout New York City

. So she'd bring me uptown to the Upper West Side to experience the Met in all its glittered, costumed, opulent glory. I was so inspired by her, I immediately knew I wanted to teach. I thought "wow, she's so passionate about singing it goes beyond performing!" and quickly decided I wanted to be the same as her.

At the moment, I'm focused on sharing my music knowledge on social media. We are in the new era of entertainment featuring influencers. I like being able to "influence" people with my tips and give them free advice and encouragement. With 125k TikTok followers and millions of streams on my own music via Spotify, I think that hustling to stay relevant makes me a far more valuable teacher. I can mentor on career choices and social media strategy. I'm constantly studying trends I'm excited to share with my students. This past week, a client and I were analyzing his instagram strategy in preparation for his next release and discovered something in the mysterious algorithm.

Point being, I love to teach, I love to mentor and I love to light the way for future musicians. Sign up with me and set up your next lesson, I'm excited to help like my teachers before me!

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