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3 Tips for a better singing voice

Want to improve your singing voice but don't know where to begin?

There are 3 things you could easily try with the help of a MIRROR!

(Now one of my biggest issues with singers is getting them to look at themselves in the mirror, but I promise it's better to watch now rather than see a video of yourself looking silly down the line in a performance in front of others!)

  1. Posture Have a look at your posture. Is your spine tall? Balanced and even on both legs and shoulders? Good posture helps the breath to flow more freely so this is something you can work on with out the assistance of a vocal coach.

  2. Jaw Position- Check out that jaw! Is it tight? Closed? Make sure that you don't see any tension because once again, this will impact your entire tone.

  3. Breath- Make sure you don't see improper breaths in the mirror. Do you notice that your chest raises? Do your shoulder lift each time you take a breath? Or perhaps you see veins popping out of your throat? These are all red flags and watching yourself can help you to erase these bad habits out of your technique.

Remember I offer online and in-person singing lessons in Los Angeles if you'd like some extra feedback. Thanks for reading!

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